Studying the impact of digital content on mental health.

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A recent report Digital 2022 - Global Overview Report published by “Hootsuite” and “We are social” highlights a few important transitions the human population is going through, Digital Transition. The human race is divided into many fractions and there are many things that divide us, but, The report claims that over 67% (5.31 billion) of the world’s population (7.91 billion) has one thing in common. Over ⅔ of the world population has access to mobile phones and over a 4.95 billion of them have access to the internet and over 93% of them are active social media users. Based on the same report, the world population within the age group of 16-64, consumes 6h 58m of digital content from the internet daily. With 2h 27m of content consumption on social media and consuming close to 2h of print and digital media. Music, gaming, podcast, and movies form the other important chunk of content consumption daily. We thought such prolonged and unmoderated content consumption with a wide spectrum of information on a daily basis could have a serious impact on one's mental health and the thoughts they manifest in day-to-day life. This laid the foundation for the #SanityForHumanityTest.

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46% of the respondents had severe mental health impact due to digital content consumption and close 35% of the respondents had mild problems and could tend towards severe issues if unaddressed.

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Only 19% of the respondents faced minimal to no impact on mental health even though close 60% of the respondents agreed to excessive content consumption through mobile devices.

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76% have sleep problems related to phone scrolling. 48 % of people sleep late on most days due to the inability to stop scrolling their phones with 28 % doing this on some days while 34% do not do it that often.

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58% of the people feel that they are spending excessive time on their phone and feel they should cut down on their usage. Only 8% feel that their mobile usage is nominal.

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48% of the people reported of being greatly disturbed by mobile notifications on most days, While 24% considers it a distraction at some level.


76% of people delay important tasks due to the inability to put their phone down. 36 % face this problem on most days. Only 24 % people stay productive despite distractions from their phones.

Believing In Yourself

80% of people reported that they actively look for social validations and they are concerned on how they are perceived digitally which involves checking likes and views and comments often. 20% of the people found themselves distant from social media noise.


Close to 30% of the people feel an addiction to social media usage and feel restless having unable to access social media time and again.

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12% of people reported that they never woke up feeling good and had reported signs of lack of motivation and 8% of people reported that they never got good quality sleep. They might be facing serious mental health issues and need to be directed towards mental health resources and services.

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People who reported they woke up with a positive frame of mind on some days should be screened further. They might benefit from some positive mental health awareness related content.

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People who reported that they only got good quality sleep on some days only should also be screened further and will benefit with content related to sleep hygiene, de-stressing and relaxation.

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